Floating Benefits:


Improved Sleep - Floating promostes improved sleep patterns as your nervous system re-syncs for a deeper, more restorative sleep.


Mental Health - Studies are starting to show the benefits of floating for people who might struggle with anxiety, depression and PTSD.


Stress Relief - Sendory deprivation while floating relieves the pressure on your mind and body allowing them to go into deep healting and resting processes.


Focus - The benefits through floating focus your mind over time, allowing you to be more focused in your everyday life. This is often found in people who focus deeply on their breathing during floating.


Pain Relief - The weightlessness of floating allows for a minimal pressure experience on your body and joints. This allows your body to relax without external pressures or obstructions.


Faster Learning - The Navy Seals reduced learning languages from 6 months to 6 weeks, thanks to the improved focus, creativity and state of "Super-Learning" from floating.


30 Mintue Float - $35

60 Minutue Float - $55                                            INTRO FLOAT PACK

90 Minute Float - $75                                              $110.00/3 FLOATS

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Floating for Mind & Body - Intro Float Pack